Apex Legends started in February as a great alternative to hit Fortnite in the Battle royal game. The game was an enormous success, but its popularity spike in the following months deteriorated and became more stable. In May, EA announced that it would publish the game on phone, although very little information was provided at the time, as part of its quarterly profit. The company has now returned with a release date.

It comes after the release of Call of Duty Mobile.

EA revealed in May that Apex Legends has attracted a great many new players into the company. Given the success of this project, EA has promised to provide Apex Legends with long-term service, and also future, more robust Battle Pass content than the lacklustre first season.

The enterprise has revealed, among other things, that it is discussing bringing the game to China, and also seeking to launch it as a mobile game. Since then, the plan has been improved and fans can expect Apex Legends on their smartphones and tablets — it’ll only take some time before it actually arrives.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson said, in his recent update, that Apex Legends mobile version will not be available until 2021–that it will drop after October 1, 2020. It means that fans have at least a year to wait for the mobile game to be released.

It’s no wonder EA is bringing Apex Legends to a growingly crowded market, although it does. Epic was launching Fortnite for the first time on mobile devices, something that PUBG Mobile joined in recent years.

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Apex Legends mobile release date

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