Danish Esports organisation Astralis Group,
owners of esports teams Astralis (CS:GO), Origen (League of Legends) and Future
Football Club (FIFA 19/20) announced expressed their intentions to list itself
on NASDAQ. The Astralis group plans to introduce its IPO to the market later
this year date of which will be announced later with more details about
offering price and quantity.

Team Astralis is considered as one of
the  best line-ups in history of CS:GO
with a dominant performance throughout the year and a stronghold on #1 rank for
majority of the year. This fact alone will help gather many investors
interested in the IPO offering.

The organisation will soon release a public
prospectus which will offer information about the IPO and the company to the investor.

Nikolaj Nyholm, CEO
and co-founder of Astralis Group in the announcement pointed out the strong
foundation of his organisation and stronghold of its teams in their respective

According to him, there is a great
potential in development of future product stack of the organisation and
scaling their business globally. The organisation plans to use the funds
gathered from IPO offering towards investment in those ideas.

They also have plans to invest in
developing facilities, performance tools, media presence and a commercial

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Astralis Group plans to launch IPO in Denmark

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