ESL UK has announced the renewal of ESL Premiership sponsorship by German auto giant Mercedes-Benz.

The contract includes the Dota 2 project for the next season with Mercedes-Benz as the official automotive supplier.

In September 2019, when ESL UK introduced Dota 2, Mercedes-Benz was also invited as its sponsor. ESL was founded by the automotive company, which allowed the ESL One Birmingham Dota 2 tournaments for two years in a row.

On 27th August, the ESL Premiership was announced that Razer is back in tow as a new sponsor for the Autumn 2020 season. In Valve games Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 the market is still opening new players throughout the UK and Ireland.

ESL UK has introduced Puntt and the competitive esports betting site Stakester as a partner for the forthcoming season, online bookmakers since the competition’s announcement. Intel and AOC Gaming partnered with ESL along Mercedes Benz to fund their Premiership.

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Automaker ‘Mercedes Benz’ furthers ESL partnership