Activion’s latest addition to the Call Of Duty franchise, Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare broke the charts in terms of sales. Recent times are witness of video game sales being higher than some of the blockbuster Hollywood movies.

When Activision announced the return of fan favorite Captain Price and showed that they are going back to their most successful series Modern Warfare, it was obvious that this game would be a massive success, but at this point ‘massive success’ would be an understatement. The first 3 days sales generated a sum of around $600 million worldwide.

The developers announced that their blockbuster lauch broke the following records:

  • Top-Selling New Premium Game Release of 2019
  • Biggest Selling Digital Opening in Activision History
  • Set PS4 Record with Highest Digital Sales in the First Three Days
  • Sold More Units in the First Three Days Than Any Other Call of Duty Three-Day Opening In This Console Generation
  • Biggest Call of Duty PC Launch Ever

The figures are generated from its sales in all platforms including PC, PS4 and Xbox. Taking things into a perspective, the game shattered the records of some biggest Hollywood lauches of the year, collecting more revenue than ‘Joker’ and earning more than the first three days of ‘Avengers: Endgame’. The sales figure includes Call Of Duty: Modern Warfares digital units and the Defender DLC pack bought in just 3 days post launch.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Sales Top $600 Million In Three Days

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