Fluctuations in numbers is pretty common when it comes to esports as new and better games are coming out a rapid pace and it is normal for players to let go of their beloved titles to try out these new ones. But something unpredictable and unimaginable has happened as the biggest esports title on the planet, Dota 2 has recorded its lowest average player count since January 2014.

The massively popular title from Valve has not seen these statistical numbers since the past 5 years. The International 9 could not save Dota 2 as upon the conclusion of the event, Valve saw a massive drop in the game’s player count ranging from -6.60% in October and – 9.67% in November.

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This does not bring any immediate threat upon the game but it does send out a message to its developers that changes are well overdue. Meta changes, new characters and a few balancing tweaks might do the job. Dota 2 streamers and content creators often complain about the low key patches which Valve introduces which change hero stats, ability cool downs and map models in negligible aspects which actually fails to make the players feel that any change has been made at all. Every Dota 2 player has a list of overpowered heroes and a few frustrating ones which spoil the overall game experience, yes just like Techies. This drop in numbers sends out a strong message to Valve as they really need to take notice now. Dota 2’s esports scene is booming throughout the year with regular Majors and Minor tournaments and the biggest esports event ever, The International which just disallows veteran players to lose interest in the game.

Dota 2 still remains the second most played game on steam with 371,324 concurrent players with Counter Strike: Global Offensive leading the chart at 403,316 concurrent players. Valve can do miracles with this MOBA title by just acting upon the players’ grumbles and in no time this “impossible to quit once addicted” title will be restored back to its former glory.

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Dota 2 hits lowest average player count since January 2014

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