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Although not as popular as it was when it first launched. Dota Underlords it is still one of Valve’s most popular games right now. That’s why the devs are always trying to figure out the “sweet spot” in terms of updates.

Around a week ago, Dota Underlords received its most significant update yet. The so-called “Big Update” features new heroes, Alliances, gameplay elements and most importantly – two Underlords. However, it seems like the changes made certain heroes too strong, which is where this update kicks in.

Let’s take a look at the latest Balance Update and what it brings to the table.


General & Gameplay Changes

This week’s update is now available.

— Dota Underlords (@DotaUnderlords) November 7, 2019

There are various small changes in this section such as music and other miscellaneous UI improvements. Some of the most notable ones are the addition of a mini-jail when you hover in the shop. This will allow you to have a quick look at the heroes in jail. If you have no idea what we are talking about, check out our in-depth coverage of The Big Update by clicking on the link above.

In terms of gameplay changes, there are a couple of notable things. First, the fire is now lethal if the applier is an enemy. This is something that should exist a long time ago and it’s finally here.

There was a very annoying bug where Knights would not get their bonus magical damage reduction when they are standing next to friendly knights. Now, it is working properly.

Lastly, the Break effect no long affects Alliances.


Hero Changes

Anessix – it seems like the first Underlord was a little too strong. Which is why she’s received a couple of changes. Martyr’s Boon no longer has a burst heal component. instead it heals over time, heals for more, and has a longer duration. Anessix’s Rejuvenating Ritual will now replace Arcane Ritual. It delivers the first 50% of the heal immediately, and the rest throughout the spell’s duration. Lastly, her Instant Regret’s duration is now five seconds shorter.

Arc Warden – clones now have a -50% debuff to their attack damage.

Axe – his maximum HP has receives a small buff (7406 on lvl 3 vs. the previous 6440.)

Bloodseeker – this hero now has 0 armor and a little bit more hp. His Bloodrage also provides him maximum attack speed when he is at 25,30,35% hp.

Hobgen – the second Underlord also received significant changes. His Explosivo! now has a shorter animation. Let’s Go Crazy hype cost was reduced from 100 down to 85. It also increases his attack range by 8. However, he will be silenced while using it. Hobgen’s Fire Break damage reduction is now 45% instead of 25% and Feedback Loop has returned to its original effect.

Lifestealer – Life Steal ability receives a buff  from 6% to 7.5%. On top of that, Lifestealer also has a faster attack rate.

Magnus – Maximum HP is now set to 7500 at level 3 (previously this was set at 7000.)

Pudge – Meat hook receives a major nerf and now has 20/18/15 secs cd rather than flat 10.

Razor – Plasma Field’s maximum and minimum damage are now stronger.

Troll Warlord – Fervor now provides less attack speed but it can stack twice as much. The end result is pretty much the same.

Viper – Nethertoxin now does twice as much damage (300, instead of 150 on level 3)


Items & Alliances changes

The first big change  is to Force Staff. It will no longer be disabled by the Break effect. Helm of the Undying will also change slightly. Now if the unit is broken after the Helm activates, it becomes targetable and killable again.

Brute Alliance now has a stronger debuff against enemies attack damage  (70% instead of 40%). In addition, the damage applied on debuff has also increased by 50.

Demon  will now only silence allied Demons on cast. While enemies of the Heartless  Alliance will now have more armor early on.
Armor debuff for enemies has seen a slight nerf. Luckily, the reduction stays the same as before once you progress. The Warrior Armor buff for allied warriors was also slightly reduced at level one.

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