After nearly a week of tease after tease, Valve has finally released Dota Underlords’ “Big Update!” Let’s take a look at all of the new stuff and what to expect when players jump in.

Dota Underlords Big Update: The Underlords Are Here

The Big Update is now available!

Huge thanks to our community for hanging in there while we finished this.

For the next few days we’re going to focus on polishing whatever issues crop up, so don’t forget to send feedback our way.

Have Fun!

— Dota Underlords (@DotaUnderlords) October 24, 2019

Now, players can to choose an Underlord before each match starts. These Underlords will fight alongside player’s heroes, use abilities and provide different buffs throughout the game. We already covered the news about Hobgen and Anessix, so be sure to check them out. To summarize, both of them have different talents. Players will have to unlock some of them, whereas others are unlocked by default.

Duos & Freestyle Modes

Duos is a game mode where players can party up with a friend and queue up against seven other teams. Even though both the player and their partner will have two separate crews, they can still assist each other in many ways. Unfortunately, both players will have a shared HP pool, so they must be sure to coordinate their starts!

Freestyle is a mode where players can test different things. It can be very useful to test out new combos and other types of things.


Dota Underlords’ New Heroes & the “Jail” Mechanic

ESTNN has full coverage of the vast majority of the new heroes, so players can catch up on most of them here. That said, 12 new heroes are making their debut along with a few new alliances.

The “Jail” is a new feature that bans a random group of 8-12 heroes a day. This mechanic allows players an easier time setting up combos and learning the game without having to worry about every single hero and combo Underlords has to offer.

The Dota Underlords’ Big Update’s New UI

Valve has changed both the PC and Mobile interfaces to accommodate the new changes. There are many new features here, including an entirely new sashboard, a new notification system and even more changes.

Ranked Play Disabled

Lastly, ranked play has been disabled for just a few hours after the update. Once it returns, the current players ranked will be “compressed” a bit, as a part of the new update. It’s unclear what Valve means by this, but it could mean that the total pool of players in each rank will be lowered, meaning that some players may move up or down a rank. That’s just a guess, however, so keep an eye out for anything different!

If you want to learn more about the changes be sure to read the full Patch Notes.

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Dota Underlords’ Gigantic Update Is Finally Here, Ranked Play Disabled for “Several Hours”

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