The rampant spread of hacking in multiplayer games have plagued games for years. Even after adopting strict policies and anticheat measures it becomes difficult for gamedevelopers to keep games cheat free. 

Recently, Epic games issued a permanent ban to a Pro-Fortnite player “Faze Jarvis” for using aimbot on his second account to play solos and playground mode of the game. Since using cheats is directly against the company policy, he was immediately handed a perma-ban which restricts him to compete in any professional tournaments and events forever.

Since the news of Jarvis getting banned broke out, Jarvis himself came forward and published a video explaining why he was banned and apologized to the community.

I’m going to take accountability for my actions and I understand completely why this has happened, I just wish I had known how severe the consequences were at the time and I would have never thought about doing it. I love all of you who still support me, this is not the end.

— FaZe Jarvis (@liljarviss) November 3, 2019

Since he used cheats in multiplayer modes against real players, it broke Epic’s TOS and resulted him getting perma-banned.

The Fortnite community seems to leaning on both side of the coin right, with people calling Epic out for “Harsh” action on his first offense, while the other side praising Epic on banning the player and setting an example of “no-tolerance” policy against hackers.  

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FaZe Jarvis permanently banned by Epic for using aimbot in Fortnite

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