After two very intense series, Mind Games was able to grab the last spot at the first Dota 2 Major of the year. On May 2 we had an encounter between Natus Vincere vs CIS Rejects and the winner would go on the face Mind Games at the Third Slot Decider finals. Mind Games already had secured a spot in the finals after losing to Team Spirit and falling off the lower bracket. Let’s go over the two series that led up to Mind Games qualifying for the Stockholm Major.

CIS Rejects 2 -1 Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere took down CIS Rejects the first time they met earlier in the tournament. During their first encounter, Na’Vi was able to dominate CIS Rejects knocking them down to the first round of the third slot decide. It wasn’t crazy to think that Na’Vi would be capable of taking CIS Rejects down once again, but most of us were wrong. The first game of the series started heavily in favor of the Ukrainian team and they quickly finished the game before the 26-minute mark

But the next two games were a masterclass from CIS Rejects. The second game of the series started slowly as none of the teams were able to secure significant leads during the early game. But 20 minutes into the game, the Rejects pushed the pedal to the metal and swept Na’Vi in a teamfight, putting them in an 8k gold lead. It took them around 15 more minutes to close out the game. The last game of the series was a bit more back-and-forth as Na’Vi secured an early gold lead but didn’t capitalize on it. After a lot of farming and a couple of successful fights, CIS Rejects were able to roll over Na’Vi’s composition and closed out the game in a convincing manner.

Mind Games 2 -1 CIS Rejects

The series started chaotically as the first game went over the 57-minute mark. The game started in favor of the Russian team after the Mind Games carries were able to secure a lot of kills on the Mind Games supports. Mind Games advantage peaked around 39 minutes into the game when they secured an early gold lead of 19k. But the Rejects were able to bounce back after winning multiple teamfights in a row, putting them in the driver’s seat. After a few minutes, CIS Rejects’ efforts didn’t matter as Mind Games quickly recovered their lead and got 9 kills in just one teamfight, closing out the game at the 57-minute mark.

But the Rejects were not going to give up easily as they came out of the gates fiercely. Playing around RodjER’s Mirana pick, CIS Rejects were able to get an early lead and put RAMZES666 in a comfortable position. He finished the 2nd game with an 18/1/7 score, giving him a lot of confidence heading into the third match. But the Reject’s hopes fell apart very quickly in the last game of the series when they weren’t able to get an early lead against Mind Games strong late-game draft. Mind Games were able to easily close the game 37 minutes in and earn the last spot in the ESL One Stockholm Major.Mind Games will join BetBoom Team and Team Spirit in representing Eastern Europe in the upcoming major.. As we get close and closer to the event, we’ll be covering some of the featured teams so make sure to come back!

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Mind Games secures the last spot for Dota 2 ESL One Stockholm Major

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