Bluehole Corp., the developers have shipped yet another update for PUBG PC Lite and it’s a major one. The recent update ends private beta and marks the beginning of open beta alongside a fresh season.

Developers have included a beta version of 4vs4 mode restricted exclusively to the new map – Bodie in First Person Person Perspective (FPP) mode. This game mode lasts only for 10 minutes and the first team to reach 30 kills wins the game. The guns are available on racks and can be picked up in the warm-up time. If a player dies, he will respawn in 5 seconds with the same gun and attachments. However, players only receive level 1 vest, helmet and backpack. In other words, it is somewhat a deathmatch experience with friendly fire disabled.

As the private beta ended and season 1 began, the first season will end on October 03 while rewards can be claimed until October 10. This update also brings along ‘New Survival Point System’ and Premium Pass. Patch notes further clarified that rewards will be classified under season rewards and title rewards.

Several new daily, weekly and challenge missions are also added to the game. In the aesthetic department, this update brings new crate – Collector’s crate and Special crate consisting of different outfits and vehicle, weapon skins respectively. Various other single skins and outfits are also available in the new update.

In other news, the developers have added L-COIN, a new in-game currency and increased spawn rate for flare guns. The update has further optimized network and client.

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PUBG PC Lite Open Beta Update: New Map, New Mode and More

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