The Regen 2022 Smash Bros tournament will kick off this weekend, and we can’t be more excited about it. It’s been a long time since we got to see the latest iteration of The Regen series. The tournament is going to feature not only Super Smash Bros Ultimate, but a myriad of other fighting games too. This event will feature big names in the Smash scene, including Hungrybox. But this event isn’t limited to professional players as hundreds of players will be participating, so without further ado, let’s jump into it!

Prize pool and schedule

Regen is a series of Smash Bros tournaments that had a few years off lately. The tournament hadn’t been held since 2019, making the Regen 2022 tournament the triumphant return for the event. The tournament is going to be taking place over a 3-floor venue, with some of the top players in the UK and Europe.

The main event here is going to be the Ultimate Singles tournament. There are up to 512 players competing here, with the biggest share of the prize pool going to these players. It isn’t going to be the only event though.

Regen 2022 will also feature Ultimate doubles and crew matches. That’s along with singles and doubles for Rivals of Aether, a Smash Bros-like indie game.

Smash Ultimate at Regen 2022 will be taking place across the entire weekend. It will kick off on Saturday 23, where pools for Smash Ultimate start off. On Sunday 24, the top 96 in Smash Ultimate play in the mornings. That’s down to the top 32 by the afternoon. The final Top 8 bracket will be played from 5-9 PM.

Players participating

The Regen 2022 Smash Bros tournament is going to feature some of the big players in the UK and Europe. Although, it’s running concurrently with another European competition which could see talent split up a bit at this event. These are some of the top competitors at Regen:

HungryboxVemonSpacePeliJWadieCaptain JJBloom4EvaNitoxLuugiNeeroZ

There’s a lot of high-level talent at the Regen 2022 tournament, but which players are the ones to watch? Heading into the tournament, there are a few players to keep an eye on.

The most obvious pick is Hungrybox. He’s a player with a long history in the game and he’s already clocked up a Major win this year. He’s going to be one of the most notable players attending Regen and he’s a clear player to watch. However, Venom and Space are both also within a decent chance here. Either of them is also likely to make some good progress through the tournament.

Space has taken matches against the likes of Glutonny in the past. He’s proved himself one of the better players around at the moment, including with a decent 13-16th finish at the recent COLOSSEL tournament.

That’s all the info you need about this event, so make sure to catch the matches this weekend!

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Smash Bros Regen 2022 – Schedule, Players, and more

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