If you are Rocket League then you should know that the most exciting time of the year is getting closer and closer with the Rocket League Championship Series 2021-22 kicking off on August 4, and this time, there are plenty of candidates for the RLCS Worlds trophy this year. 

The highly-regarded Group Stage teams consist of an oddball, Team Falcons from the MENA region, which means that a lot of people already failed many predictions before the tournament even begins.

Now let’s go through some of the strongest teams featured in the RLCS and see which team has the highest chances of winning the whole thing.

The favorites title has to fall on Moist Esports as the winners of Spring Split Major and runner-up of the previous major. Formerly known as Team Queso, the roster took the competition by storm, and became Europe’s strongest candidate. As of the latest major, it’s safe to claim that Moist Esports made Europe as the most superior region over its longstanding rival, NA.

But there is one team that deserves a mention and that is Falcon, despite many haters calling the MENA team’s run a fluke. Regardless, they come into the RLCS World Championship as a favorite for setting the benchmark for powerhouses to surpass.

G2 Esports is still among the most popular namesakes in RLCS, and they won the Winter Split Major. Yes, we could say that G2 looked blunt at the latest major, but still recent enough to give G2 a respected spot among favorites.

Even though none of the following teams are major champions, Version1 and Karmine Corp are capable teams after their runner-up finish at Spring Split Major. Version1, in particular, has often been consistent throughout past majors, but fell short to opponents that go on to become major champions. Karmine Corp also saw a significant improvement, managing to defeat the Winter Major Champs, G2.

On the other hand, Spacestation Gaming has the title of a former champion, and their consistent performance is a testament to their strength heading into the RLCS Worlds. Team Falcons had a rough time crossing swords with SSG, as it took a complete set of seven matches before it concluded.

That’s why it’s not always a good depiction of strength when it comes to past major finishes, especially since all three teams performed phenomenally well, only to have Moist Esports gaslight them in their lower bracket run.

Ultimately, the RLCS World Championship is building to become a dramatic journey for many parties. For one, many big players need to step up their matches if they want to stay relevant in the scene.The RLCS World Championship will be running from August 4 to August 14 and there will be a lot of action right from the get-go. You’ll be able to catch every single match on the main Rocket League twitch channel so make sure to stay tuned in!

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