CS Summit 4 is starting in less than a week and there’s a major twist with this edition. Instead of being a less competitive event with a more relaxed atmosphere, we will be having the most stacked CS Summit yet.

Six teams will be taking part in the event as always. However, out of those six teams, four are on the top 10 HLTV World Rankings. To make things even more interesting, one of the other two teams is currently ranked 11th.

So, with this in mind, which teams are playing on the most stacked edition of CS Summit?

The underdogs, Ghost Gaming

Ghost Gaming, ranked 29th in the world rankings, are the underdogs in Summit 4. The North American squad is definitely improving slowly, and coming to Summit, they’re hoping to climb up the rankings.

Featuring two fan-favorites, ‘freakazoid’ and ‘steel’, this Ghost interaction has the potential to grow further. Steel still is a capable IGL, koosta is a veteran awper, and WARDELL has been quoted as a possible Cloud9 pick-up thanks to his skill set.

Heading to Summit, this will their third LAN event. They’re definitely underdogs so we will be definitely seeing Steel trying to take advantage of it to snap a win over a team like Renegades or NRG.

Still, Summit should be above anything, an event to gather experience. After all, while it’s a stacked event, it still retains the chill atmosphere that Summit is known for.


Renegades is coming with a stand-in

After massively disappointing in IEM Sydney 2019, the Aussie squad Renegades are back. However, as their awper ‘Gratisfaction’ didn’t managed to get a visa in time, they will be bringing a stand-in.

Substituting their full-time awper is smooya. The English player who got famous by being the last UK hope and for his temperament will surely be looking to leave an impression. After all, he is getting used to Renegades by now as he stood in during EPL.

So, coming for Summit, Renegades won’t be in full force, but will at least have a decent hope. In the first day, though, they will be facing both ENCE and NRG, which might be too much for them initially.

Vitality 7th LAN tournament

Since IEM Katowice 2019, fans have seen Vitality less than expected from Vitality in offline tournaments. The best French team right now has played only two offline events after the Major.

CS_Summit 4 will be a place where ‘NBK’ squad will try to finally climb the rankings. Their rivals here are definitely NRG, who are currently keeping them out of top 10.

Moreover, Summit 4 will be a great place to experiment new tactics and executes. After all, once Summit 4 is over, Vitality will take part in various other events, without much time in-between.

Regarding the Frenchmen opening day matches, Vitality will play against Ghost and NRG. While Ghost might not cause major issues for them, NRG surely will. This will be definitely a great match to watch.


NRG is looking to keep up with their streak of great results on LAN

The second-best North American team is heading to Summit 4 looking to do many things at the same time. For one, it might be time to try out new approaches to the game to get closer to Liquid and ENCE.

NRG also will have to survive against Vitality and Renegades. Both who will be trying to break them and be the ones getting closer to Liquid and ENCE instead.

The NA squad will also be interested in working on Vertigo. The new map has already been heavily criticized by some pro players. Just as always, though, the first teams to dominate it will have a gigantic advantage down the line.

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So, for NRG, Summit 4 will be an event to consolidate their place and experiment. Vertigo might be the piece of the puzzle that was missing so they can get closer to the top five. Maybe it will help them at least guarantee their place amongst the top 10.

ENCE and Liquid looks forward to another trophy consecutively

Since Liquid won IEM Sydney 2019, fans have been very interested to see if they can repeat the feat. Summit 4 is the place to Liquid prove that. There’s less pressure on them, and while ENCE is a dangerous opponent, they are the second-best team in the world.

To make things better for Liquid, on the opening day they will only play a single match, against Ghost. However, on the second day, Vitality will do their best against them. And later that same day, ENCE, the third-best team, will put Liquid to test.

Overall, Liquid biggest worry here is ENCE. The Finnish team had a great boost in confidence since they won over Astralis in BLAST Pro Series. There’s a real possibility of Liquid and ENCE starting an incredible rivalry later this week.

ENCE on the other hand, have to be cautious with NRG and Vitality. Winning in Madrid awarded them with the third-place position in the world rankings. If they underestimate either teams because of it and focus too much on Liquid, ENCE won’t have things going in their way.

CS Summit 4 will be starting this weekend

With a $150.000 prize pool, Summit 4 will be running from May 23rd to May 26th in the Summit House, California. With teams are your favorites to make through the event? Will either Liquid or ENCE win an event back-to-back? Let us know your opinion! Also, remember to check our predictions page, where Summit 4 will be fully covered!

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cs_summit 4 will be the most stacked CS Summit to date; which teams will be taking part in the event?

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