Esports continues to grow as a disruptive force. Case in point: 420M will be watching competitive gaming by 2019 (Newzoo estimate).

While game titles like League of Legends and Overwatch dominate headlines with multi-million dollar franchise values and media deals, Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) quietly remains an esports powerhouse.

Exhibit A: Turner Sports’ ELeague Boston Major Grand Final registered more than 1.13M concurrent viewers – breaking its own all-time record for a single Twitch channel set last year.

Accordingly, let’s investigate how non-endemic product categories fare with the ELeague audience.


Our eSports iQ analytics platform profiled the social data of 7,500+ English-speaking ELeague Boston Major viewers.

Specifically, consumer conversations that indicate positive purchase intent/history for products or services. An index value of 0 (unlikely) to 100 (very likely) was then calculated for product categories.

The result: Data-driven insights into the buying behavior of CSGO esports fans.

What you should know about ELeague viewers

  • 9 times more likely to consider purchasing a gaming-related vs. esports product
  • Purchase intent for esports is nearly 5 times stronger than traditional sports
  • Bitcoin and esports intent are within 20% of each other
  • Streaming is a major influencer for gaming related purchases
  • Live event attendance boosts esports purchase intent by 28%

Why it matters

Numbers don’t lie. ELeague’s record-breaking viewership is a tantalizing opportunity to capture attention and increase awareness among millennial-minded audiences. Plus, the data shows (click image to enlarge) definite purchase intent across several non-endemic categories.

Intent to buy is a strong justification for brand marketing spend. The hard-to-reach nature of esports audiences, coupled with Turner Sports’ experience producing premium content for linear platforms, only strengthens the case.

Key takeaways

  • Adidas’ apparel partnership with North, an ELeague team, is a great example of brand alignment with a product category this audience is already interested in buying
  • Gaming most strongly influences the consumer experience
  • Esports fandom is just one part of a wider gaming lifestyle – streaming, playing games (other than CSGO), etc.

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ELeague Audience Insights 101