The esports experience continues to grow roots in the physical world. For example, the Overwatch League recently expanded to Atlanta (USA) and Guangzhou (China).

Likewise, eSports iQ version 3.0 is now available with several new features, including:

  • Insights from 40,000+ competitive video game fans across Latin America (LATAM) and the United Kingdom (UK)
  • FIFA and Fortnite audiences
  • UI layout improvements
  • A new lifestyle interest visualization
  • Brand category engagement

What you should know

  • Non-regional audiences represent global averages
  • FIFA enthusiasts in Latin America are twice as likely to engage with telecom brands on Twitter vs. those in UK
  • Three times as many English speaking League of Legends fans have purchased a footwear-related item vs. those in Latin America (last 6 months).
  • 78% of Latin American Fortnite enthusiasts are fans or followers of European football
  • 65% of the English speaking Fortnite audience is very likely to be influenced by brand name when making product purchases

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Language matters

In order to improve support for social media data from across the globe, we added multi-lingual support to the eSports iQ analytics engine.

So, as of version 3.0, our platform uses IBM Watson AI to automatically detect and translate language.  This feature proved invaluable for Latin American esports audiences; and will enable the addition of countries like France and Germany, in the near future.

For more info on how eSports iQ works, check out the video explanation.

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eSports iQ – Version 3.0

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