Learn everything you need to know about FNCS Chapter 2 Season 8.

The eighth seasonal Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) competition is upon us. Competitive players worldwide have put in the time to learn the ins and outs of Chapter 2 Season 8 since its launch in early September. Epic Games altered the loot pool significantly, adding more loot to the map and more generous locations throughout the map. Additionally, team changes have affected the entire competitive scene.

With another $3M USD on the line, it’s time to break down every important detail about FNCS Chapter 2 Season 8. Join ESTNN as we analyze the format, schedule, qualifying thresholds, prize pool and scoring system to get you ready for what lies ahead.

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FNCS Chapter 2 Season 8 Format & Dates

There’s a lot of information to consider in the latest Fortnite Champion Series event. Trios remains the central format. However, this season offers only two weekly qualifiers instead of three. FNCS Season 8 from top-to-bottom can be a bit challenging to follow, we’ve constructed a comprehensive round-by-round and week-by-week breakdown from the preliminary rounds to the finals.

FNCS Chapter 2 Season 8 Qualifiers (October 14-17, October 21-24)

Round One to Round Two (Opens)
Three-hour session
Teams play a maximum of ten matches
Europe, NAE, NAW, and BR: Top 1500 teams in each region
Asia and Middle East: Top 700 teams in each region
OCE: Top 300 teams in each region

Round Two to Round Three (Quarter-Finals)

Three-hour session
Teams play a maximum of ten matches
Europe and NAE: Top 300 teams in each region
NAW and BR: Top 200 teams in each region
Asia, OCE, and Middle East: Top 125 teams in each region

Round Three to Round Four (Semi-Finals)

Three-hour session
Teams play a maximum of ten matches
All Regions: Top 33 teams in each region

Round Four (Finals)

Three-hour session
Six custom matches
The top five teams in each region advance to the Season 8 Finals
Others will accumulate Series Points toward their seasonal total

FNCS Chapter 2 Season 8 Heats, Semi-Finals & Finals (October 27-31)

Season 8 Day One Semi-Finals (Heats)
66 teams based on Series Points separate into two heats (Heat A & Heat B)
The top four teams from each heat qualify for the Season 8 Finals
Remaining teams re-seed into expanded Reboot Round (Semi-Finals Day Two)

Season 8 Semi-Finals Day Two (Reboot Round)

Six matches per region
Each game-winning team advances to the Season 8 Finals
When a team wins a match, they’ll be removed from the Reboot Round field of teams

Season 8 Finals

33 teams
Two days
12 matches
Six matches each day
Final placement depends on cumulative score across both days

FNCS Chapter 2 Season 8 Scoring Systems

Like the last few seasons, Epic is running with two separate scoring systems for FNCS Chapter 2 Season 8. A win in rounds one, two and three of the qualifiers is worth 25 points, and eliminations net one point each. Victory Royale point values increase to 30 in round four of the qualifiers, Season 8 Semi-Finals and Season 8 Finals with two points per elimination.

Here is the complete scoring breakdown:

Rounds One, Two & Three Qualifiers

Victory Royale: 25 Points
2nd: 20 Points
3rd: 16 Points
4th: 14 Points
5th: 13 Points
6th: 12 Points
7th: 11 Points
8th: 10 Points
9th: 9 Points
10th: 8 Points
11th: 7 Points
12th: 6 Points
13th: 5 Points
14th 4 Points
15th: 3 Points
16th: 2 Points
17th: 1 Point
Each Elimination: 1 Point

Round Four Qualifiers, Semi-Finals & Finals

Victory Royale: 30 Points
2nd: 26 Points
3rd: 24 Points
4th: 22 Points
5th: 21 Points
6th: 20 Points
7th: 19 Points
8th: 18 Points
9th: 17 Points
10th: 16 Points
11th: 14 Points
12th: 13 Points
13th: 12 Points
14th 11 Points
15th: 10 Points
16th: 9 Points
17th: 8 Points
18th – 24th: 5 Points
Each Elimination: 2 Points

FNCS Chapter 2 Season 8 Prize Pool

Epic Games’ usually $3M USD investment into the FNCS continues in Chapter 2 Season 8. Europe tops the list with more than $1M USD up for grabs. NA East comes in second with over $600K USD in prize winnings. Keep in mind; the money only comes into play in the Season 8 Finals—there are no payouts in the Qualifiers, Heats or Semi-Finals.

Here is the complete prize distribution per region in FNCS Chapter 2 Season 8:

Europe – $1,351,200
NA East – $635,100
Brazil – $428,175
NA West – $222,300
Asia – $150,600
Middle East – $122,250
Oceania – $90,450

The action kicks off this weekend, so be sure to tune in to watch the broadcast and check back with ESTNN for more competitive Fortnite updates throughout the season!

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Fortnite: FNCS Chapter 2 Season 8 — Prize Pool, Format, Schedule, Dates & More

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