Learn everything you need to know about the $25K USD BoomTV Code Red tournament presented by Xfinity.

BoomTV returns to the Fortnite Battle Royale competitive scene this weekend with a $25K USD duos tournament. With some of the best players in North America committed, it promises to deliver excitement and pulse-pounding end games.

Last time out, Evan “FaZe Cented” Barron and Josh “TSM FTX Commandment” Roach dominated the field, collecting $3K USD in the process. The latest BoomTV Code Red tournament offers a heftier prize pool and a stacked group of entrants.

Today, ESTNN breaks down the format, scoring system, prize pool and the best way to watch the $25K USD tournament. Join us as we prepare for another fantastic day of Fortnite.

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— BoomTV (@boomtv) October 5, 2021

BoomTV Code Red Tournament Format & Schedule

Forty-seven invited teams, and three qualified teams will combine into one field of 50 duos in the Code Red Finals on October 12. The ultimate goal is to accumulate points through placement and elimination points across six games. All matches will occur in customer lobbies on the NA East server region.

Here is a quick recap of the tournament date, time and format:

October 12 at 1:00pm PT / 4:00pm ET
NA East region
50 duos
Six custom matches
Teams earn points based on placement and eliminations

Click here for a direct link to the leaderboard.

BoomTV Code Red Tournament Scoring System

The Code Red tournament scoring structure offers 41 points to each game-winning duo and two points per elimination. Teams would need around 20 eliminations to equal a Victory Royale, making it a more balanced system.

Here is the complete scoring breakdown:

1st: 41 points
2nd: 34 points
3rd: 30 points
4th: 27 points
5th: 25 points
6th: 22 points
7th: 20 points
8th: 18 points
9th: 16 points
10th: 14 points
11th-15th: 10 points
16th-20th: 7 points
21st-30th: 4 points
31st-50th: 2 points
Eliminations: 2 points each

BoomTV Code Red Tournament Prize Pool

Duos are competing for a share of $25K USD. The prize pool pays out the top eight placements, with $7.5K USD going to first place and eighth taking him $1.25K USD.

Here is the prize pool breakdown:

1st place: $7,500
2nd place: $5,000
3rd place: $3,500
4th place: $2,500
5th place: $2,000
6th place: $1,750
7th place: $1,500
8th place: $1,250

How to Watch BoomTV Code Red Tournament

BoomTV will host its own tournament broadcast for the Code Red tournament on Twitch. Additionally, the tournament operators encourage participants to stream their perspectives. We can expect many of the invited duos below to broadcast, so be sure to check their Twitch channels.

BoomTV Code Red Tournament Invited Duos (subject to change)

Maddynf & Punisher
Cented & Commandment
Avery & Threats
PaMstou & Reet
Xoonies & Reverse2k
MackWood & Bucke
Knight & RogueShark
Jivi & Sommerset
Dubs & Megga
Deyy & Magnolia
Costa & Slick
Arkhram & EpikWhale
Mero & Rise
MrSavage & benjyfishy
Chukky & nosh
Replays & Thiefs
Smqcked & casqer
Jahq & kwah
Doniee & Rocaine
Ceice & Yuz

We can expect BoomTV to announce many more invited teams over the next 24 hours. We’ll update the list above when that happens. Be sure to tune into the tournament tomorrow to see which duo claims $7.5K USD and the Code Red title!

Featured Image: BoomTV

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Fortnite: How To Watch $25K BoomTV Code Red Duo Tournament

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