The first EU vs NA match of Worlds 2021 pitted the MAD Lions against Team Liquid!

Team Liquid vs MAD Lions

Jumping into game, all eyes were on the top lane Camille vs Jax matchup that could snowball to a win by itself if one side won hard enough. Knowing that, it was TL who made the first move there, diving Armut under his tower and killing him for First Blood at only three minutes in. TL kept up the pressure, catching out Humanoid in a rotation in the river and slaying him, then standing their ground in a Mexican standoff and calmly securing a Rift Herald.

As expected though, MAD was ready to fight their way out of the early deficit. Elyoya ganked top, giving Armut a much-needed kill onto Alphari. TL responded with a skirmish win in the mid lane and an Ocean Drake secure. Feeling the pressure, at 16 minutes, MAD three-man dove top to kill Alphari again, though they lost a kill back as well as the First Tower bonus to Tactical in the bottom lane. But MAD found their moment at 20 minutes, as TL overextended in the top lane and were chased down. The resulting fight resulted in a four-for-two kill trade in favor of MAD, who still looked ready to brawl.

However, the teams met in a 5v5 two minutes later, in which TL killed three from MAD, allowing them to take a Baron on the back end of the play. Empowered with the buff, TL steadily chipped away at MAD but didn’t crack and Inhibitors. At 25 minutes, TL forced a team fight on MAD, but MAD turned it around to get a kill. Feeling confident, they chased, but it was way too far. After getting chased all the way to their mid tower, TL turned around and re-engaged, slaughtering MAD where they stood. After a clean Ace, TL picked up an NA win over EU by pushing in and taking MAD’s Nexus.

Quick Stats:

Teams: TL-MAD
Time: 27:02
Kills: 16-9
Turrets: 8-2
Gold: 51.0k-44.6k
Dragons: 2-1
Barons: 1-0

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LoL: Team Liquid vs MAD Lions Worlds 2021 Group Stage Recap

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