The Hungarian star-toplaner will return in the 2021 League of Legends World Championship!

PEACE announced yesterday their toplaner, Yao “Apii” Jian-Jing, and their jungler Thomas “LeeSA” Ma would not attend this years Worlds. With the pair missing out thanks to COVID-19 restrictions.

While the position of jungle would be covered by Leo “Babip” Romer, who played in most of the team’s games this season, PEACE had no toplaner. The easiest solution would have been to move James “Tally” Shute to top; he was a toplaner before transitioning to mid. Then have sub James “Halo” Giacoumakis play in the middle.

However, PEACE had something else in mind. Vizicsacsi already talked a lot about returning to proplay after retiring from Splyce back in 2019. He already got close to LEC; coaching MAD Lions’ Irfan “Armut” Tükek in the LEC Summer Playoffs. He also made a promise through various social media outlets that he would be on a European team in the 2022 season, but he doesn’t have to wait that long to make his reappearance.

PEACE offered him a chance to play with them in Worlds, replacing Apii for the tournament. The announcement was later confirmed by Csacsi himself, who seems to be very excited to play with this year’s LCO champions in the biggest event of the year.

This also makes him the only Hungarian player to attend Worlds twice.Vizicsacsi and PEACE will play in Group A for the Play-In stage against LCK’s Hanwha Life Esports, LPL’s LNG Esports, LAT’s Infiniti Esports and Brazil’s RED Canids. While the group is tough with the LCK and LPL teams both in it, maybe Csacsi is the key for PEACE to pull through and make it to groups.

The 2021 Worlds will start on October 5 at 1PM CET!

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LoL: Vizicsacsi Will Play At Worlds

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