Cloud9 and Beyond Gaming kicked things off for Group B on Day Two.

Beyond Gaming vs Cloud9

After a stunning performance yesterday, C9 was hungry to once again prove they’re a serious competitor, while BYG hoped to turn the tide in their favor. It was C9 who came out ahead first though, as a 2v2 in the top resulted in two kills for the NA side. A minute later, a skirmish broke out in the mid lane, where each team walked away with a kill. From here, it became a scrappy fight, with C9 jumping on every engage they could find, even if it didn’t always go their way.

Eventually, C9 did skirt out a lead with objectives though, taking a dragon and a Herald, which helped them take the First Tower bonus bottom later. With Fudge’s Malphite and Vulcan’s Leona, C9 continuously pushed the envelope into BYG, who more often than not were felled. It is crucial to note though that C9 did overextend a few times and gave over some kills. However, by 25 minutes, C9 was in a commanding position. So they rushed the Baron, securing it for free then killing two from BYG right after.

With this Baron, C9 quickly brought down the bottom Inhibitor and set themselves on Soul point. Keeping the pressure on the BYG base, C9 was able to once again claim a rather free Baron, and after killing Kino, the Infernal Soul too. Feeling the pressure, BYG decided to send two members to kill Perkz’s fed Sylas, but he ended up getting two kills in the 1v2, freeing up his team to dive into the base and finished BYG’s Nexus off.

Quick Stats:

Teams: BYG-C9
Time: 37:42
Kills: 15-26
Turrets: 3-11
Gold: 64.6k-75.1k
Dragons: 1-4
Barons: 0-2

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LoL: Worlds 2021 Beyond Gaming vs Cloud9 Play-ins Recap

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