The final regularly scheduled game of the day would see Cloud9 look to go unbeaten in the Group Stage and secure a 4-0. In their way, Unicorns of Love, who had yet to win a game prior to this series.

Cloud9 vs Unicorns of Love

With a flawless Play-ins in their eyes, it was not the start C9 needed. Blaber failed a Smite steal, then Fudge was then caught out in a 2v1, giving First Blood over to UOL. The Rift Herald fight saw another fight go the way of UOL, after C9 picked up the first kill UOL was able to secure two more kills to move to 1k ahead. C9 finally got a play that went their way at first, picking up a kill on the top side but they stayed around far too long. They lost some kills as UOL turned up, while the drake was also picked up by UOL.

By the 18-minute mark, UOL had picked up their third drake of the game and set themselves up to secure a Soul win condition. The fight after this third drake went the way of UOL of course, with C9 losing three members for just one in return. As a result, UOL extended their lead to 3k as C9 looked desperate to get back into the game. To try and do so, C9 forced a drake fight. They secured it and stopped the Soul, but the tail-end of the fight ended badly for them. Trading initially two-for-two, UOL was able to knock down a third member of C9. For C9, however, taking the Soul Drake off the board keeps them alive for at least another five minutes, though UOL moved to 3k ahead.

Getting later in the game, UOL forced another play, diving C9 under the mid-lane tower and taking down four members. They pushed into the mid lane Inhibitor as they looked to force victory. With relative ease, they brushed past the C9 base and that’s it, UOL stays alive at Worlds while C9 fails to secure instant promotion.

Quick Stats:

Teams: C9-UOL
Time: 25:37
Kills: 11-19
Turrets: 2-7
Gold: 42.9k – 48.5k
Dragons: 1-3
Barons: 0-0

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LoL: Worlds 2021 Cloud9 vs Unicorns of Love Play-ins Recap

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