Reliving the latest bout in the budding rivalry between NA’s C9 and Japan’s DFM!

DetonatioN FocusMe vs Cloud9

After a fantastic win earlier in the day, DFM looked to go 2-0 on the first day of Play-ins, while C9 showed up to make a statement. After gaining a huge advantage in the draft, C9 came out swinging in their first game of Worlds 2021. At four minutes, the C9 duo lane roamed mid, where they killed Aria’s previously unkilled throughout summer LeBlanc. Shortly after that, Fudge and Perkz dove and killed the struggling Evi in the top lane. Though DFM snagged a Rift Herald, C9 responded by claiming a dragon.

When DFM decided to use the Herald, C9 was ready. Steal dropped it in the mid lane but C9 collapsed and picked up two kills. With a ballooning gold lead, C9 grew it further by slaying Herald and used it to take the First Tower bonus. Finally, DFM showed a sign of life when they sent three members top to take down Fudge. However, it didn’t matter much.

That’s because at 22 minutes, C9 found yet another winning fight, this time in the top lane off of DFM’s aggression. Here, C9 slaughtered three from DFM and secured Baron after. Equipped with the Baron buff, C9 made short work of two of DFM’s Inhibitors, flooding DFM’s base with minons, then claimed the Infernal Soul too. Against such a huge deficit, DFM was powerless to stop C9 from pushing through the top lane, killing four of their members and smashing their Nexus.

Quick Stats:

Teams: DFM-C9
Time: 28:23
Kills: 4-13
Turrets: 3-10
Gold: 43.8k-55.5k
Dragons: 0-4
Barons: 0-1

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LoL: Worlds 2021 DetonatioN FocusMe vs Cloud9 Play-ins Recap

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