The first game of the day saw 3-0 LNG take on 0-3 INF, was it a foregone conclusion, or did INF have a chance of an upset?

LNG Esports vs Infinity Esports

In the do-or-die match, it was the start INF did not want as a 1v1 in the top lane went the way of LNG. With SolidSnake roaming top side to defend his top laner, LNG dove his tower to secure a second kill. That was quickly followed up by a mid-lane 1v1 going in LNG’s favor too as things went all wrong for INF. INF finally got on the board in the mid lane, but it was traded back two-for-one. LNG moved 3k ahead before the 10-minute mark.

Things just kept getting worse for INF. After attempting more plays, they continued to be shut down across the Rift and INF found themselves 6k down. LNG continued to turn the screw, and despite INF’s best efforts, they continued to fall behind. With Baron spawning, LNG had amassed a 10k lead with the game all but over. But it looked like LNG had no interest in the Baron. Instead, after picking up a drake, they turned it in two mores kills before knocking down the INF bot lane Inhibitor.

INF tried to counter as LNG retreated, but LNG was more than equal to it. They crushed INF underfoot and closed in to take the Nexus. With this, LNG moved to 4-0, going undefeated and joining their LPL brothers in the Worlds Group Stage. Meanwhile, INF will sadly be going home winless.

Quick Stats:

Time: 23:22
Kills: 21-3
Turrets: 9-1
Gold: 49.7k – 33.6k
Dragons: 2-1
Barons: 0-0

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LoL: Worlds 2021 LNG Esports vs Infinity Esports Play-ins Recap

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