Twitch vs YouTube for Live Streaming

YouTube or Twitch Live Streaming? Discussing whether it’s better to live stream on Twitch or YouTube by going over the features, differences, pros and cons of both Twitch live streaming and YouTube live streaming. I’ve been livestreaming video games for over three years with experience on both Twitch and YouTube, and I share why I’ve decided to livestream on YouTube vs Twitch.

In this Twitch vs YouTube discussion, I go through the features of both websites in regards to quite a few categories. This YouTube vs Twitch streaming video is aimed towards the perspective of a broadcaster or streamer- if you’re more of a viewer it’s less important to pick a side.

I go over both YouTube and Twitch in regards to Stream Quality, Transcoding Options and Stability. We look at Chat Emotes, Chat and Loyalty Bots such as Nightbot, Deepbot, and Revlo (RIP Revlo). I discuss Monetization on YouTube vs Twitch in regards to Ad Revenue, Donations (SuperChat/Bits) and Subsriptions/Sponsors. I talk about Profile Customization, availability of Past Stream Vods and Archives, miscellanous features such as Scheduling your Next Stream and more.

Third party donations through services such as Streamtip are not tied to either platform and work equally well on both. On YouTube, the paid subscription ‘sponsor’ feature is not widely available and is not opt-in. In order to gain the YouTube Sponsor paid subscription for your live stream, YouTube must approach you with the option in their clsoed beta. Hopefully YouTube eventually rolls the Sponsor system out to all YouTube partners to catch up with Twitch streaming in that sphere.

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